Image Restoration

Restoration of old photographs includes repair and retouching of damaged images plus tonal and colour correction and enhancement of images which have faded over time. Restored image can be either printed or saved onto CD, depending on quantity. Original print will be scanned, repaired and returned along with corrected image. Alternatively an image may be sent as a high resolution electronic file on CD or e mail. Image restoration prices are quoted on an individual basis.

Restoration Example 4

Transparency and Negative scanning

Transparency and negatives can be scanned and printed, depending on quantity or saved onto CD or DVD. Scanning prices are quoted on an individual basis.

Transparancy And Negative Slide Scanning


Commissions undertaken by request. This panoramic image taken from Clay Head was commissioned for the Ballanette Nature Reserve. It is a combination of twenty-three separate images and the image now forms part of the information board situated on Clay Head. Commission prices are quoted on an individual basis.